our story – ko mātou ēnei

Miro means berry in Māori, and our mission is to be a world-leading Māori-owned berryfruit company, growing and delivering high quality, great tasting, premium berries around the world. We’re passionate about growing berries on Māori-owned land and creating work and career opportunities in horticulture for our people.

Our owners are a collaboration of Māori businesses, trusts, whānau, hapū, iwi, so we are underpinned by kaupapa Māori values and approach to business. We partner for global success and strive to employ and train Māori, especially rangatahi (youth), throughout Miro – starting with our berry orchards. Ultimately there will be opportunities in post-harvest operations, logistics, export, science, technology, marketing, and business administration and management.

Lifting the productivity on Māori-owned land and creating sustainable returns to shareholders is central to Miro’s vision.

Being market-led is central to building a global business. Blueberries have been chosen because market research shows they are a high-value product with significant and growing global demand – both in fresh berries (20% year-on-year growth) and premium processed products. Their high nutritional value, and attributes of blueberries have a proven scientific evidence base. They are known as a superfood.


our Values

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We’re focussed on nurturing positive relationships. At Miro we operate like a family, bringing together Māori across Aotearoa, knowing we can achieve more collectively. Our partners share our values.


We aim to protect and grow our natural resources and world. We value best practices that support sustainability, respect the land, keep our people safe, and grow our communities.


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Reciprocity of kindness, respect, humility, hospitality and caring for others is paramount in all that we do. As Maori, we’re committed to caring for our people and our land.