our partners


commercial partners

Plant and Food Research Limited

Miro values working with Plant and Food Research Limited (PFR) as a plant breeding partner.

BerryCo NZ Ltd

BerryCo has expertise in global marketing, distribution, and packing and growing techniques for berries. Miro and BerryCo have a licensing agreement for rights to popular Mountain Blue Orchard blueberry varieties as they are released to New Zealand.

government partners

Ministry for Social Development

MSD is supporting Miro to lift employment in the regions, especially for young people. They believe in the Miro kaupapa of local employment, lifting land productivity, inclusive communities, and training for the future.

Callaghan Innovation

Miro is working with Callaghan Innovation to create the data platform to underpin our growing system and programme.

MBIE Māori Innovation Fund

The Māori Innovation Fund was pivotal in Miro’s start-up phase, providing specialist expertise to the venture.

Ministry of Primary Industries

MPI supports site feasibility assessment, especially water and planning frameworks,  for Miro orchards.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

NZTE was our first government funding partner – believing in the growth of Māori business.


For more info on investing with Miro, working for Miro, or being a Supply partner. Email us by clicking the link below.